We’re going to take a culinary diversion.    I make a butternut squash lasagna 6-10 times per year that is just fantastic.      It turns out that butternut squash seeds from my compost pile came up in my garden this year and we decided to let grow.   Now, in late August,  we have a crop of beautiful butternut squash.  Albemarle butternut squash.   The recipe calls for a basil white sauce.   I’m going to use the basil that been growing on my front porch all summer long.    Albemarle basil. The ingredient I’m most excited about is fresh hand made semolina pasta instead of standard store purchased lasagna noodles.  Albemarle pasta.

Put it all together an you’ve got Albemarle Lasagna.

I wish I had a cow so I could make Albemarle mozzarella cheese.

What Albemarle white wine should I drink with this dinner?